Caring Dads is led by Kids First, in partnership with ReGen, Anglicare Victoria & IPC Health.

Helping fathers value their children

Caring Dads is a 17 week family violence group-work intervention program for fathers who have neglected, physically or emotionally abused, or exposed their children to family violence. The program is based on the recognition of the harm that children can experience through being exposed to family violence. It aims to increase the safety and wellbeing of children and mothers by helping fathers to recognise the impact of their abusive behaviour, stop that behaviour and improve their parenting.

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What is Family Violence?

The Family Violence Protection Act (Victoria) 2008 defines family violence as behaviour towards a family member which is: physically or sexually abusive; emotionally or psychologically abusive; economically abusive; threatening; coercive; or in any other way controls or dominates a family member and causes them to feel fear for the safety or well-being of themselves or another person.

The Act says a child is also a victim of the violence if they hear, witnesses or are otherwise exposed to such behaviour or its effects.

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